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Manuka Honey

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Authentic Manuka honey for your money!

Manuka honey is meant to be special, to contain something other honeys do not. Ours do!

There is one type of activity important in Manuka honey to get the researched benefits from it.


  • Only some Manuka Honeys sold truly contain the special extra antibacterial property - the UMF® - unique manuka factor. (check the label)
  • We do not sell any brands that have been tested for 'total activity', as the hydrogen peroxide 'active' they measure is found in all honeys.
  • The UMF® rating can be verified by Fera in the UK. As established experts The New Zealand Honey Shop accept nothing else for good reason.


Two great genuine UMF® approved brands available. As New Zealand's leading producer of Manuka Honey the Comvita name is known and trusted around the world, while Natural Solutions is harvested from wild growing manuka trees on the remote East Cape region.

We are certain that we are giving you the correct quality of Manuka Honey you expect.

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