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Manuka Honey - Comvita UMF 25+

Manuka Honey - Comvita UMF 25+




Brand:  Comvita

A high strength manuka honey for you when you need faster acting help.

Note: Unfortunately this item (UMF25+) is currently out of stock. Please bear in mind that part of being a 100% natural product they can't just produce more when they want to. Also Comvita are very good at ensuring all jars are genuinely at or above the UMF25+ level, for which only small portion of the manuka honey produced each year naturally reaches.

You can see a summary of manuka honey test results that show how little 25+ is naturally produced here.


Additional Notes:

Q. But I have seen other jars of '25+' elsewhere, why don't you offer those?

A. Check carefully. Do they actually have the UMF® quality mark on the jar label and a current valid license number? All honey has some activity from a hydrogen peroxide aspect. The reputation of manuka honey's healing properties is based on a special extra antibacterial activity separate from the hydrogen peroxide, this is what the UMF® rating measures. Of course if someone wants to add on the hydrogen peroxide activity level too, to have a total activity, then you can get a higher number. But what is special about that? And can it be considered misleading, as it is not equivalent to a UMF® rating?

There has been a product advertised to beekeepers to 'boost' the activity level of the honey. Under the UMF® quality standard use of this product is banned.

We believe that when you are paying a good price for a jar of honey with unique properties then you deserve an assurance of the quality and standard of honey inside. As we consider ourselves experts in manuka honey, that is why we have always offered genuine UMF® product, and have been doing so since before this honey became well known.


Naturally we all want to maintain our wellbeing. A healthy digestive system is part of this.

You get powerful antiseptic, antiviral and antibiotic qualities. Known as the 'healing honey' its therapeutic qualities have become well documented.

Comvita has been established since the 1970's. With their active manuka honey you get an effective and chemical free health solution. Allow yourself to become healthier from the inside out.

Contains antibacterial activity (UMF® - Unique Manuka Factor) in addition to the hydrogen peroxide found in ordinary honeys. UMF® indicates the naturally occurring antibacterial strength of Manuka Honey.

Recommended for the relief of digestive disorders and stomach issues. Provides relief from symptoms of indigestion and dyspepsia

 xsrc= You get a GM free honey.

Suggested dosage is take 1-2 teaspoons before meals. Your digestive system will thank you.

250g Jar.

Link to: What's special about active manuka honey, from Waikato University (new window)

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