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Who We Are - Our Story

Independent Experts.

Big enough to deliver; small enough to care.

Originally started and run by New Zealanders gave us our unique source of authenticity and understanding in bringing some of New Zealands finest products.

You want something that is natural, yet is actually effective. You also want information, and the ability to ask questions.

You have the right to continue asking questions after you've bought a product. You have the right to peace of mind that you are getting genuine products (and in the case of manuka honey, are correctly certified).

We're here to help.

The Optimum Vitality Clinic Shop - who are we?

The Optimum Vitality Clinic Shop is a supplier of premium "natural" products that are friendly and effective to your body, and friendly to the environment. Owned and run by total health enthusiasts, we are based in London, United Kingdom, where we keep stock locally and also have our physical shop and clinic.

The simple idea is to bring you quality New Zealand products, with pride.

Brands we sell

The brands we supply you are both popular in the USA and New Zealand and have established international reputations. Plus they all have a commitment to sustainable business practices. Comvita has won awards for its sustainable business practices, and is the world's leading producer of UMF® manuka honey. Pot of Gold uses 'guilt free' ingredients, going to the effort of using sustainably sourced palm oil. Altrient-C has won the Rude Health Platinum Lockdown Award as the the "Best Immune Product"


The Optimum Vitality Clinic Shop has been operating in the UK since 2003 as a physical shop but is now owned and operated by Optimum Vitality Clinic Ltd. 

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Liquid Chlorophyll Mint Flavor, 473ml
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