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Pot Of Gold

Pot of Gold skin balm - your all natural skin relief - is based on a family recipe that has been used and passed on for six generations.

100% Natural. Only active ingredients. Based on certified organic beeswax, it gives you a natural healing balm for your skin.

'Guilt Free' Palm Oil used - from sustainable production in Columbia that has been certified by ProForest.

Top Tip: With all the Pot of Gold Balms, a little goes a long way. The beeswax base allows a small amount to spread well, and you only need to apply a thin layer at a time. Compared to many other common creams the Pot of Gold can last much longer. In the colder months the balm will be set harder - part of its natural properties - rub a little between your fingers first to soften it and then apply, allowing you to keep using small amounts at a time.

"I received the balm this morning and applied it straight away as I was desperate for relief and saw an immediate improvement. Thank you so much, will recommend it to friends and family." - Louise K

"A Mother brought her baby to me for homeopathic treatment for very red, raw eczema, which was impossible to soothe with any of the topical applications she had tried before. On leaving the consultation room, I suggested that she apply a bit of the Pot of Gold from our tester in the clinic reception area.
When I spoke to her a few days later, she reported that the Pot of Gold had an immediate soothing and healing effect, which worked wonders to reduce the severe irritation.   This offered her baby great relief, allowing the homeopathy to continue its work of healing from within.
" - Tamlyn Martins, Homeopath.

"thankyou this is a great product, worked wonders on my chapped lips!!!!" - from a user of the Baby Balm.

"Love Pot of Gold! Has cleared up patches of eczema within a couple of days, and is also awesome for dry skin which other moisturising type creams don't do much for. Very much recommend it." - Tamara G.

"This is an absolutely awesome product! As I have two kids that suffer from eczema I have tried many things, and this balm beats the lot. I will be buying again." New Zealand.

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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items