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The Optimum Vitality Clinic Shop is your independent expert source to discover and experience the unique healing properties of UMF® Manuka Honey . Providing you with a range of products, plus information , articles, and links to some of the University research.

Genuine UMF manuka honey, by Comvita and Natural Solutions. For taking internally, or special sterilised options targeted for external use, including ready made manuka honey dressings . Learn how it could help you.

You also get other bee based products to aid your health naturally, propolis, and beeswax based products.

Natural goodness for you. Products of New Zealand, with fragrances of her wild native plants. The next best thing to going there yourself.

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What is Manuka Honey?

Simply put it is honey that comes from bees visiting the flowers of the manuka plant (or tree), a native species of New Zealand. Some of this honey (important to note it is not all the same, hence the importance of UMF®) has been found to contain extra antibacterial properties, over and above the benefits from other honeys. It is a natural product (and hence the natural variation) that actually has some modern science and research supporting it.

The Home of Honestly Labelled Manuka Honey

Again, not all manuka honey is the same. It is our view that those who label the activity level of their jars based on measuring the unstable hydrogen peroxide content (which exists in all honey to some extent) or including that in a 'total activity' level to create a higher number are being misleading, as it is irrelevant and does not equal the quality of honey the supporting research is based on.

A recent Sunday Times article reported that in independent tests done in the UK 11 out of 23 honeys labelled as Manuka failed to have any non-peroxide (UMF) activity.

FACT: The Optimum Vitality Clinic Shop has only ever sold genuine UMF® Manuka honey, and approved medical grade items.

A CHALLENGE: We are happy for anyone to have a manuka honey bought from us sent to an appropriate laboratory (possible within the UK) to verify the actual activity levels against what is both stated and implied on the label. We can be confident in what the test results will show.

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