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Premium Colloidal Silver 40 PPM - 500ml - Free spray bottle

Premium Colloidal Silver 40 PPM - 500ml - Free spray bottle

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  •   We are proud to offer the world’s ONLY 100% natural colloidal silver. We have worked hard to find a natural gelling agent and preservative, with just 2 unique ingredients in addition to the colloidal silver. Key point: Your gel contains more than 95% colloidal silver, which is the highest content available on the market (some gels contain a dose of just 5%)
  •   Nature does things well, with ingredients taken from nature enabling us to produce an incredibly smooth texture. Other positive characteristics include rapid absorption, a non-greasy feel (which is not the case with a cream) and no sticky sensation. Your skin thus feels pampered and exudes a radiant glow!
  •   We manufacture your solution ourselves: we produce and will only ever produce colloidal silver! As a result, we have accomplished what few others have managed to achieve – by means of electrolysis, we have produced a colloidal silver with a concentration of 40 PPM. The high concentration and the minute size of the particles in our product drastically increase its effectiveness.
  •   We wanted to keep a promise that was close to our hearts: to make the purest colloidal silver gel. And it was only natural that we selected an amber glass container rather than a plastic one. This way, both the purity and the effectiveness of the solution are preserved: choose a solution that accepts no compromises.
  •   Have you previously used a gel in a less than practical pot? The pot was easily contaminated and you could never manage to get the right quantity? These days are over: we elected to use a pump that will enable you to use the precise quantity of gel you need, while also protecting it from external impurities.

Brand:  Institut Katharos

Important information

Safety Information:

Do not ingest.


How to use: Apply directly after washing. Use up to 3 times a day and leave drying or bandage.


Colloidal Silver, Sodium Gluconate, Sclerotium Gum


Conservation: Store at room temperature and keep out of light. Tap the bottle against semi-hard surface (eg: wood) to bring down the gel.

Optimal Concentration

Not only have we chosen the purest water available. We have also - with over a year of research and the strictest manufacturing guidelines - formulated a 40 PPM dose. What does this mean for you? The perfect amount of concentration for better efficiency.

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