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Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey

Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey

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Brand:  Medihoney

Imagine.. a completely natural wound solution that works...

Imagine.. a unique antibacterial honey that gives you results...

Sterilised 100% Antibacterial Manuka Honey specifically for external use. Approved medical grade honey (this product has a medical devices license).

Note: This is the replacement product for Comvita Manukacare. The actual honey is from the same place (Comvita's specialist medical honey apiary), but is now packaged under the Medihoney brand.

Helping You to Heal Your Wounds, Burns, or Leg Ulcers Better and Faster. Naturally.

Supported by over 20 years of university research, you will be pleased to learn how you can benefit from this natural solution, that works. Or visit our link to university information to learn more.

High potency, sterilised 100% Antibacterial Manuka Honey. In an easy application tube. Specifically for your external use.

Ideal for wound care or treatment...everyday cuts...grazes. Very beneficial for external ulcers, and burns.

Medihoney Antibacterial Honey is CE marked.

  • First Aid Ready
  • Suitable for most wound types
  • Reduces the risk of infection from bacteria including MRSA 

50g tube.

Note: There are some packaging design changes happening in terms of the visable colours / design used for Manukacare. While in the middle of that happening, we have been getting some stock that is the Medihoney branded version of the same product. Still made by Comvita, honey is from the same source and standard, it is still a 50g tube of sterilsied medical grade manuka honey - just has the Medihoney name and yellow on the packaging. You may receive this when ordering 'Manukacare' over the next little while, as we have mixed stock of both packaging designs to send out.

Why would I consider honey?

Advantages For You from this sterilised active manuka honey:

  • Strong antibacterial and antifungal properties which soothe and aid repair your skin.
  • Sterilsing.
  • Aiding better and faster tissue regrowth, by keeping a moist environment.
  • No concerns about the effects of manufactured products on you.
  • Creates a barrier preventing bacteria from entering the area. You get greater protection from further infection.
  • Hassle-free - Simple, easy to use and apply solution - just squeeze the tube.
  • Assurance of quality, with ManukaCare being used in hospitals and by practitioners.
  • Your dressings changes are easier - as the honey doesn't stick to the wound. (No more searing pain for you - and less damage to new tissue growth - very important!)
  • Reduces the smell that comes from wounds and ulcers - more pleasant for yourself and those around you.
  • Reduces scarring of your skin.
  • Aids healing of external ulcers. Successfully used on even stubbon ulcers.
  • Also helps heal burns, bed sores, and your external abscesses.

Plus Peace of Mind, we have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!



Nature Backed By Science: ManukaCare is a totally natural product that is supported by proper scientific research.

ManukaCare has been used with good results in clinical trials, including clinical trials on leg ulcers.

Are you new to Manuka Honey? or to the idea of using honey on your wounds?

The New Zealand Honey Shop has been supplying ManukaCare to thousands of people just like you for over 6 years.

You can have the confidence to go ahead and try this product.

Give yourself a natural way to heal your wounds, or leg ulcers, without getting a doctor's prescription for manufactured antibiotics.

Using ManukaCare is simple. It's uncomplicated.

Help your wounds, burns, or ulcers heal.

Manukacare Review

"I cannot recommend Comvita Manukacare enough to people. We have used it for various family health concerns. For example, a few weeks ago I (age 41) had a very very bad water scold all over my chest and down one arm. I had filled a hot water bottle with boiling water, lifted it up, cuddled it and the water poured all over me as it had a leak that I had not known was there. I immediately dried myself, carefully covered the affected area in Manuka Honey (quite a thick layer) and then wrapped the area with cling film and went to bed (feeling rather silly covered in cling film!). In the morning, once I had carefully washed the area, my husband and I couldn't believe it, but the area that I had covered with the honey was a pale pink colour and not hurting at all, and the small areas I had obviously missed were BRIGHT red and VERY sore. I reapplied the honey (more thinly) a couple more times over the next couple of days and that was it, better. The small areas I had missed took a little more time to go as I had not used the honey so early. This was a potentially serious scold over a large area, it is truly wonderful stuff, every house should have some in the cupboard." Laura, Hampshire.


A few of the publications this product has been mentioned in:

  • Health Matters magazine, UK (July / August 2006)
  • Woman's Weekly magazine, Health Alternative, UK (15 Feb 2006)
  • Reader's Digest, UK (August 2006)
  • The Sunday Times, UK (several issues)

Fantastic for all first aid kits. Your perfect companion for travel. If you are away from home where risk of infection to any cuts is higher, than this product is your solution. For topical use.

This unique honey doesn't really 'go off' within any short time frame unless it is subject to too much heat. Our current stock of ManukaCare is use by August 2013.

How do you use ManukaCare ?

  1. Easy. Just place some directly onto your wound, leg ulcer, or burn.
  2. Rub it in slightly, gently, depending on the soreness of the area.
  3. As it leaves a layer of honey over the area, if it is going to come into contact with clothing or something else, then simply place a dressing of some kind over it.
  4. For more serious wounds, and external ulcers, it is ideal to also add a little of the honey on to the dressing too before placing it over the area concerned.

You get better, faster healing of your leg ulcers or wounds, from a highly effective natural solution free from added chemicals.

What's special about active manuka honey, from Waikato University

Buy with confidence from the specialist in quality New Zealand products. With our safe shopping Guarantee, secure payment through the Protx service, money back option if you are not satisfied, and your details never passed to anyone else. The New Zealand Honey Shop - a division of Bevital Ltd.


Effective on leg ulcers, Manukacare is equally suitable for most wound types.

More Comvita UMF® Manuka Honey products  

When it comes to wounds, whether leg ulcers, surgical wounds or other, for topical application it is important to use a proper medical grade manuka honey.

Importantly this has been produced, tested and verified to a different and stricter standard than the jars of honey. 

Not only does this ensure the honey does contain the appropriate extra antibacterial properties, but that it has been sterilised too.

Medical grade honey has also been through a finer filtering process, eg taking out smaller pollen granules and other things that could potentially disturb a wound.

Did you know?

- Comvita have their own specialist apiary (beekeeping unit) for producing their medical grade manuka honey. This supplies for both the Comvita Manukacare and Medihoney dressing products. Thus the complete process can be better controlled from the cleanliness of the beehives right through to the product you are applying to your wound.

Apply direct onto the wound area.

If adding a dressing over top them apply a little Manukacare to the inside of the dressing too.

If using a dressing, use as non-absorbent a one as possible (you want to honey to stay on the wound to heal it, not be soaked away).

User feedback and reviews:

On Friday, 11 January I ordered from you 3 tubes of Manukacare 18+, which arrived safely on the 14th. Many thanks. I have now used the product three times (Monday, Tuesday, and today - Wednesday) but felt you might like to know what has resulted after only two applications.

Several years ago an injury to my right shin developed into an ulcer which, as is often the case, became persistent and did not respond to normal over-the-counter remedies. It was painless, but a visit to my GP produced a prescribed ointment, which was followed by a sleepless night, after which my shin bone had become visible. Moreover two other small lesions had appeared, caused by the action of the plaster securing the dressing and both ulcerating.

My wife is a district nursing sister, and we decided immediately to discontinue the GP's prescription, turning to homoeopathic means of control. A cream consisting of St John's wort and calendula was applied twice daily, with the ulcers being cleaned before application by lavender oil. The pain ceased at once, and in about six weeks all that was left of the ulcers were three slightly discoloured patches of skin.

Since then all has been well, although I have been careful not to damage the very thin skin on my shin. Until, that is, three weeks ago, when a car jack toppled over and - perfectly aimed - hit my right shin. Immediate treatment could not stop the first signs of an ulcer appearing within a day. We began homoeopathic treatment, but the inflammation began to spread, both from the original lesion and from the other two which, apparently skinned by the micropore plaster being removed, had also re-opened. It was then, last week, that I remembered having read somewhere of the benefits of Manuka honey. A search online brought me to your website and resulted in my order.

We ceased all other treatment, and applied the honey on Melolin pads on Monday evening and again on Tuesday morning, by which time there were signs that the surrounding inflammation was reducing and that the ulcers were drying. This morning revealed that one ulcer (the smallest) had dried completely and was skinning over, while the other two were much reduced and the area of inflammation was now confined to the immediate periphery of the lesions. If healing continues at this rate, I shall be surprised if we are not able to stop all treatment within a week. At any rate, I shall let you know when all is well. (One of my three tubes was for a neighbour, and at this rate I shall probably end up using the spare by eating its contents. And you can't say that for either homoeopathic or allopathic remedies.)

With my thanks and all good wishes to you and your colleagues.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Harry Bernard-Smith (doctor by qualification, not a medical doctor)
Isle of Anglesey


"In August 2007 I had my big toe nail removed by a Doctor. It all went very wrong and needing antibiotics for some 8 weeks and took ages to heal. My other big toe nail was removed by a Podiatrist and took some ten weeks to heal.

We spent February 2008 in New Zealand and whilst there purchased Manuka Honey and WoundCare18+ (ManukaCare 18+) and had a great holiday.

The nail removed by the doctor grew back completely and on 13 March 2008 the Podiatrist removed the nail and I expected it would take a long time to heal. However for the last 2 weeks I have dressed the area with Woundcare (ManukaCare) and it is quite remarkable, the wound is not weeping, it is not inflamed and looks to have reached the stage that previously it took 8 weeks to achieve. I should also point out that I am diabetic and there was some concern that the pulse in this foot was not very strong and I was warned that the healing process could take a long time.

I can only attribute this speedy healing process to Woundcare (ManukaCare) as that is the only circumstance that is different to last year."

Pat Walton, Leicestershire.


before woundafter wound

"I would just like to thank you for the Manuka honey.  I was told by a skin specialist in June that it would take at least a year to clear up a huge ulcer I had on my leg.  It was 5cms across and in length and 2cms deep, whilst I was seeing the specialist it was difficult to manage to use the honey, however she then decided she would not see me again for another 6 months.  I started to use the honey at the beginning of September and to my delight it has completely cleared up the ulcer. "

Sue T, UK (received beginning of October)

Customer Reviews
Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey
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Miracle Cure for Facial Skin Conditio
01 December 2016  |  Annemarie

This is the most amazing product ever. I have used this on my skin for two days and it has drawn out all the infection from my facial skin leaving brand new skin underneath. The doctors have been prescribing anti-virals, antibiotics, hydrocortisone to no avail over the last 3 weeks.

I tried a different brand of Antibacterial Manuka honey initially, but it didn't help that much, in fact I had an allergic reaction. I had used this brand (Medihoney) of Manuka Honey 10 years ago but couldn't find it until 3 days ago. I cannot recommend it enough for any kind of excema/skin breakout. My skin is finally on the mend after the most dreadful 3 weeks. I am ordering another tube as of now so I will always have it to hand. Thank you.

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Miracle Cure!!!
14 March 2016  |  Maureen

About 3 years ago my mum sustained a Grade 4 pressure ulcer in her sacral area. Nothing seemed to cure this and the smell was appalling. It actually got to the stage where it was beyond hope ... or so I thought. I saw Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick, had used Manuka Medical Honey on a cat with a necrotic open wound which was life threatening; it was then I decided to try this for my mother as a last resort. Her wound improved and, within 3 weeks, had virtually healed to an unbelievable stage!!! This product is life changing so I can recommend 100%. Will buy again and again if needed.

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16 of 17 people found this review helpful.

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