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Broccoli Extract Extra Special Promotion for Breast Cancer Month

5 October 2010  |  Admin

For the month of October we're running a very special promotion in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Comvita Broccoli Extract - Special Price of just $14.99, with £5 donation made to Pink Ribbon Foundation.

For October we have this special offer for the Comvita Broccoli Extract. A reduced price from the normal £18.95 down to £14.99 each. Then for each one sold this month a £5 donation will be made to the Pink Ribbon Foundation in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.


What has this got to do with Breast Cancer Awareness you say? It's not a traditional 'pink' product. Well we don't really have any 'pink' products like those you will see sold elsewhere. But mostly it is because there has been some promising research behind Broccoli in chemoprotection, and so it has a good match for the subject.

Here is our page with the promotion available: Comvita Broccoli Special


Note we are not making any claims about curing cancer here. Rather the research has shown components in Broccoli - that are highest in Broccoli seeds - kick starts your body's own defence mechanism to neutralise harmful free radicals.


If this is something that interests you, then here is an external website that provides some good information about the research that has been done:


Some additional information:


The newsuper antioxidant supplement to kick start your body’s defence system


Broccoli is one of the healthiestfoods you can eat making it a powerful super food, packed full of nutritionalgoodness. A close relative of cauliflowerand the most popular member of the brassica family, it has a rich supply ofvitamins and minerals and like all green vegetables is low in calories andvirtually fat free.


Broccoli is believed to be the most potent source of Glucoraphanin. Unlike other antioxidants,Glucoraphanin kick starts your body’s own defence mechanism. Once started this triggers anantioxidant cascade that helps neutralise harmful free radicals, which maycause damage to cells and tissues.


Evidenceis steadily mounting that Glucoraphanin, can help recharge your defencesagainst many diseases. Broccoli inparticular has been the subject of intensive study following the 1992 discoveryof Sulforaphane Glucosinolate (SGS™) and its precursor, Glucoraphanin, in thevegetable by Dr. Paul Talalay, Director of the Laboratory forMolecular Pharmacology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine(Baltimore, USA).


“Glucoraphanin is a compound thatrecharges your protective antioxidant defence enzymes, giving them the power tokeep working. This is especially important, as a reduced defence enzyme levelcan lead to many chronic diseases,” says Dr Talalay.


Dr. Talalay has devoted his career to cancer research, focusing his efforts on achieving early protection against cell damage. A pioneer in the field of chemoprotective research strategies, Dr. Talalay and his colleagues devised simple cell culture methods for detecting phytochemicals which appear to boost enzymes that detoxify carcinogens in the body.



Please feel free to pass this on or otherwise let others know of this promotion.

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