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Tui Balmes & Waxes

Massage & Body waxes, and balmes from Tui.

From their original Bee Balme, to their range of quality massage waxes, all based on natural beeswax, you get a quality product produced in collaboration with the Tui Co-operative  (in association with Tui New Zealand items for Europe are now made locally in England as part of their ethos of reducing carbon footprint, but with strict adherence to the original Tui recipes). Please note that the Tui products are being re-labeled as 'Songbird' in Europe. Same product inside, just you will see them more and more named as Songbird.

Now widely used by professional therapists, and available for you to use yourself.

Natural Ingredients Assurance.

All ingredients used in Tui massage waxes and balmes are either whole substances occurring in nature, or are directly extracted from a whole natural source. Tui is S.A.F.E. approved (Save Animals from Exploitation).

There are no preservatives, emulsifiers, colouring agents, stabilisers, parabens or chemical additives in Tui products. 

"Having used a variety of oils and creams over the last 11 years as a sports masseur, I find the massage waxes that Tui produces to be of a superior quality and something I would recommend to any massage therapist.

For osteopathic soft tissue work where a base oil or cream is going to be used I would urge my colleagues to consider the Tui bee balm that I find outstanding."

David de Andrade
Sports Massage therapist, Registered Osteopath