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Manuka Honey and Eczema

One of the areas where there is keen interest to use manuka honey is to treat eczema, and anecdotal evidence shows that it does help quite a lot of people.

As each person is different, and their eczema can be caused / triggered by different things, what works for one person is not necessarily going to work for another. This can unfortunately mean going through a process of trial and error with various options to find something that works for you. A note here: it is always a good idea to 'patch test' a new cream / ointment on a small area (the inside of your elbow is a good place) before applying it widely, just to make sure it is ok on your skin.

Manuka honey (on its own) is very natural, unlike the steriod creams that are often prescribed. 

Honey provides very good moisturising properties when applied to skin. It is a known humectant - meaning it draws moisture into the skin, something that helps eczema prone skin.

With UMF® manuka honey you also get the benefits of the natural antibacterial properties that make it so good for use on hard to heal wounds.

There is a downside to using straight honey though, in that it leaves a sticky layer. Making it not always suitable to apply before venturing out. What some people do is place some cling film over it, as a means of preventing sticky contact with furniture and clothing etc. It is quite fine to apply while you are at home.

Where having a sticky layer of honey is not suitable for you, then there is a recognised cream that contain a good level of the antibacterial manuka honey in it.

Medihoney Derma Cream is an intensive dermatological cream suitable for people prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dry skin. It contains aloe vera and chamonmile as well as the manuka honey, and as a cream it can be 'rubbed in' and absorbed by the skin, no leaving a sticky layer behind. This is a manuka honey cream that is aimed at eczema.

The other product that is good for many cases of eczema is the Pot of Gold Skin Balm. This is 100% natural balm based on organic beeswax, and with only active ingredients (no fillers). It is explained more here:  Pot of Gold Skin Balm

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