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The Benefits To You Of Using Manuka Honey

As experts, we put the true quality of products first, so you will be sure of receiving the extra benefits you're looking for.

There is now quite a bit of research and also clinical studies that show the benefits from taking manuka honey.

However it is firstly very important to note that here we are talking about the advantages of UMF® or recognised medical grade manuka honey. Not all manuka honey is the same, and not all contains the additional antibacterial properties that the research and reports are based on.

It is a very natural product.

It also contains unique healthy plant phenols.

The benefits from taking it that most users report are mainly around the unique natural antibacterial properties that it has, and can be split into two areas: internal use and external use.

Benefits of internal use

Feedback from our customers includes:

  • Helping with digestive problems
  • Treating Helicobacter Pylori (h.pylori)
  • Aiding against stomach ulcers
  • Coughs and colds, and being soothing on sore throats

Benefits of external use

  • Proven wound healing properties.
  • Fighting any bacterial infection of external wounds.
  • Honey is a natural humectant, which helps moisturise the skin.
  • No nasty chemicals or steroids added to your skin.

Note: for use on an external wound, then we have proper medical grade products with sterilised manuka honey available for you.

To see products that do contain the special extra properties, have a look at the genuine UMF Manuka Honey products here.


The New Zealand Honey Shop is the home of honestly labelled Manuka honey. Get a free copy of the eLeaflet below to understand the key property differences (type of activity measured) between products in the marketplace.

Be Wise, Be Aware, to get the right manuka honey for your wellbeing, read our 5 Top Tips page and view some actual test results.

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Be aware of the quality relevance of the UMF® certification for Manuka honey (and how it is different from 'total activity' brands available elsewhere). Fera (a UK government agency) is able to confirm the additional characteristics of UMF® honey.

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